Courtney Maguire


Her Velvet Hand always applies a personalized and delicate approach to cosmetic tattoo artistry. Leading with true personalization, high-quality techniques and the most innovative practices in skincare, the studio brings beautifully customized solutions and dedication to skin health to every client.

About Courtney Maguire

Founder, Lead Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
Nano Brow Expert

Courtney Maguire’s unique approach to permanent makeup is complete customization for each of her clients and carefully maintaining the integrity of the skin. It is because of these beliefs and her meticulous hand that she is one of Houston’s most sought after cosmetic tattoo artists. For each of her clients she individually tailors their cosmetic solution to bring forward their natural features and enhance their innate beauty. In this process, she applies the innovative practices she has learned from years of training all over the world to protect delicate facial skin to thrive for years to come. 

 Courtney was first introduced to the world of esthetics when she was a child growing up in Indonesia. Immersed in the spa culture, the natural, delicate style of beauty in the Eastern World impacted her deeply. From a young age she knew she wanted to build a career in beauty that brought forth the individual care and consideration she learned overseas. 

Today, she has trained with some of the most esteemed permanent makeup artists and estheticians in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Forever committed to learning the latest techniques and expanding her knowledge of innovations in skincare, Courtney has truly fine-tuned her expertise and insights to the point of perfection. This is the meaning of Her Velvet Hand, signifying her approach to delicate, personalized artistry in beauty.

Courtney Maguire

As an esthetician, Courtney learned to create personalized solutions for all types of skin and their unique needs. She has taken this care and her vast wisdom of skin health, and applied it to create a thoughtful and holistic cosmetic tattooing practice. She is sought after because she approaches every client individually, customizing each lip & brow tattoo to match their goals and desires. This personalization also allows her to highlight their individual characteristics and creates definition around their innate features in a natural-looking way. As an esthetician and true artist who values how unique everyone truly is, Courtney has spent a decade developing her method of precision, customization and true skincare integration.


Courtney began her journey into the spa and cosmetic world as a child, growing up overseas in Indonesia. It was there she developed her love and respect for innovative and customized methods that honor the skin and natural beauty. Since, she has pursued esthetics and cosmetic tattooing passionately. For over a decade, Courtney has committed herself to becoming one of the best cosmetic tattoo artists in the world. She has trained under industry pioneers from Hoi Kwan of Hoi Tattoo in Canada to Master Trainer Nikora Elena in Germany, among a list of others. Courtney is also one of the few certified nano brow artists in the United States. In constant pursuit of innovation and knowledge in beauty, Courtney seeks to learn the latest and leading techniques to deliver natural-appearing tattoo artistry to her clients, while providing the best skincare solutions available.

Education & Certification
  • Hennatician Trainer Certification Course with Founder Nicole Jane of Henna Brow Australia in 2020.
  • Natural Lip Advancement Masterclass with Tess Marti of Tesstattoo in 2020 
  • Nano Hairstoke Training with International Amiea Trainer Hoi Kwan of Hoi Tattoo in Canada in 2019 
  • Magic Shadow Brow Training with World-class Permanent Makeup Champion James Olaya in Brazil in 2019
  • European Style Brow Training with Amiea International Master Trainer and World Renowned Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Nikora Elena in 2019
  • Lip Blush and Powder Brow Training with Shay Danielle Microblading Training Academy in 2019
  • Nano Brow Training with International Nano Artist & Trainer Selen Shenalp in 2018
  • PhiAcademy for Ultimate Beauty Skills. Certified in Fundamentals of Skill in 2017

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