Brow & Lash Shaping Services

Leading the way for lash and eyebrow shaping in Houston, Her Velvet Hand uses a diverse range of services which are customized to match the goals and needs of each client. From threading, to tinting, to henna, the result is a personalized cosmetic experience that brings definition
to your unique features.



Need a quick brow clean up without the frazzle dazzle? ​​Our Flawless Brow Wax is a refresher appointment to keep your brows clean & crisp using wax, trimming, and application of brow product. ( No tinting or advanced shaping).

Flawless Brow Waxing
$30 Per Session

Flawless Brow Threading
$40 Per Session


For perfectly shaped and groomed brows that are completely natural, we offer traditional brow shaping services. Our Precision Brow Sculpting service includes our full brow mapping, and brow sculpting with wax and tweezers followed with product application with our high- performing brow products. There is no staining, tattooing or tinting involved. Our most standard method for brow shaping creates very clean, fresh looking brows.  

Depending on the hair growth cycle, grooming is typically recommended monthly.

Brow Sculpting Sessions
New Brow Sculpting Guests $60
Return Guests $45

New Guests $65 Per Session
Return Guests $55 Per Session

Luxe Henna Brow

Luxe Henna Brow

A non-permanent alternative to cosmetic tattooing, Henna Brows are quickly becoming known globally because they are a long-lasting and all-natural alternative to other brow shading techniques. This luxurious treatment is our SAFEST method of tinting the hairs without the use of chemical additives. Our Henna contains natural ingredients that are known to stimulate hair growth over time. This treatment can temporarily stain the skin for up to 7 days while coating the hair for up to 4 weeks. Henna is best for those with delicate, fine hairs to course, unruly brow hairs and is the best method for those with little to no hair.Our Henna Brow Sculpting service includes full signature brow mapping and sculpting.

This is a great non-permanent option for clients considering permanent eyebrow tattooing who want to see the results of brow enhancement prior to pursuing.

Luxe Henna Brow
$115 Per Session

Although our Henna is the most safe and natural method of brow tints- We recommend touch-ups every 4 weeks.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

A Brazilian blowout for your brows, our Brow Lamination, is a relaxing treatment that softens your hair to create more control for everyday at-home shaping. By calming and guiding the hair into semi-permanent shape, brows appear more dense and refined. Our gentle pigmented brow tint is included in each session for added definition.

Brow Lift
$115 Per Session

Touch-ups are recommended every 8 weeks.


Tired of trying to figure out how to fill in your brows daily? Get the ultimate guidance with one of our artists on how to appropriately fill in your brows using our high-performance brow products.

Brow Lesson
$15 Per Session


We offer TWO luxurious brow/lash add on options for our brow services.

Our Traditional Brow Tint adds rich pigment to the brows and a slight stain to the skin. This tint is our most conservative dye that can be added to your brow/lash experience. The tinting on the skins lasts 1-4 days and 3-4 weeks on the brow hair/lashes. We use a peroxide activator to initiate the stain and dye, which is similar to getting your hair done at a salon. Add our traditional Brow Tint with your precision brow sculpting service where we include our full brow mapping, and brow sculpting with wax and tweezers.

Our Hybrid Dye is a Game Changer. The Hybrid Brow Dye is the most INTENSE stain we offer at Her Velvet Hand. This demi-permanent dye is formulated with rich undertones to achieve extra-long lasting results, leaving a flawless brow stain on the skin for up to 10 days and on the hair for up to 6 weeks! Due to the intense nature of this treatment, the Hybrid Dye is NOT recommended for those with thinning or brows with sparse hair, delicate/sensitive/mature skin and should only be treated no sooner than 7-8 weeks from last application. Please note: The first 24 hours post treatment will have the boldest effect. Schedule your service accordingly.

Traditional Brow Tint Add On
$15 Per Session

Can last up to 1-3 days on the skin and up to a 3-4 weeks on the hair.

Hybrid Dye Add On
$30 Per Session

Can last up to 10 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair.


Olaplex Deep Conditioning Brow Add On Treatment

Do you have extra coarse, dry/dehydrated brow hairs or want to maintain the integrity of your brow hairs after a Lamination service? Our Olaplex Deep Conditioning Brow Add On Treatment is for you! This can be done during your brow sculpting services or 4+ weeks after your Lamination service.

Olaplex Deep Conditioning Brow
Add On Treatment
$10 Per Session

Tween/Teen Basic Brow Shaping

No frills and nothing too fancy, we keep it simple and conservative when shaping the brows of our youth!  This service includes basic shaping and grooming for your teens and your tweens brows. This session includes a basic wax/tweeze/thread and/or razor clean up with trimming and simple shaping.

Tw/een Shaping
$30 Per Session


Our lash lift offers a safe and luxurious enhancement to your lashes by curling and lifting your lashes for up to 4-6 weeks. After we lift the lashes, a rich & vibrant tint is applied to the lashes to elevate your results. This treatment is a perfect alternative to lash extensions. You may even want to skip the mascara!

$115 Per Session
Booked every 8-10 weeks.


Our lash tint is a perfect enhancement for your lashes without the fuss of mascara. A safe, deep and rich pigmented tint is applied to the lashes to provide a fuller, more luxurious touch.

Booked every 4 weeks.

See how our special techniques & customized approach can highlight your natural beauty.
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