What to Expect
From Your Cosmetic Tattoo

We want our clients to feel educated and informed about our process so you feel calm and confident from the beginning. To create the best results possible, it is important to consider your goals and desires for your cosmetic tattoo before, and to be fully committed to the extensive healing process after.

Consultation $50

30 minutes

Before booking a cosmetic tattoo procedure, we will have an initial consultation to understand your goals for the procedure and determine if Nano is the right solution for you.

At the consultation:

  • Please come with your brows or lips filled in as you usually would so we can understand the shape and size you’re comfortable with.
  • Bring images of brows, lips or scalp work that have caught your eye — other brow artists, celebrities, Instagram, etc. — which will serve as inspiration. As meticulous artists, we will work with you to carefully shape and design your cosmetic tattoo to highlight your innate features in a way that appears subtle and natural to you.
  • We will also consider the shape of your brows, scalp or lips based on measurements taken of your facial profile. We never use stencils or templates as we honor everyone’s unique facial structure and seek to highlight you individually.
  • If you have pre-existing cosmetic tattooing, it is essential that you send in a picture of your current brows, lips or scalp prior to the consultation.

Our consultation is thorough and focused. It will last about 30 minutes and costs $50. If we move forward with the procedure, the cost of the consultation will be applied to the cost of your treatment. The consultation fee is non-refundable should you decide to not move forward with the treatment.

Book a Consultation
Courtney Maguire working on client

The Treatment Process $600-$800

Depending on the procedure

3-4 hours

You can expect the entire treatment process to last approximately four hours. The entire tattooing procedure is completed in one appointment typically depending on the procedure.


3-4 hours

Reflecting the style and design created in your initial consultation, your tattoo artist will carefully implant pigment into your skin using a cosmetic tattoo device. With careful precision, this technique will create the appearance of natural hair in your brows or scalp, or subtle coloring on your lips that brings definition to your unique features.

Be fully prepared before your procedure.

Before & After Care Instructions


8-10 weeks after your appointment

The full, deep healing process takes between 6-8 weeks after your procedure takes place, however you will notice that the visible two layers of your skin will heal in just two weeks. Please expect your cosmetic tattoo to experience a few normal and mild side effects, including slight redness, itching and peeling, which is comparable to a sunburn.

Your tattoo will appear darker than anticipated for the first 3-5 days but after 4-5 days, light peeling will occur which will reveal lighter and softer impressions.

Long-Term Care

Aftercare of your tattoo is crucial in order to ensure excellent longevity and appearance. The better you care for your cosmetic tattoo, the more it will reflect the best possible results, mimic your desired outcome in the consultation process, and the longer it will last on your skin. Please visit our Care Instructions for specific guidance on how to care for your cosmetic tattoo.

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Our Specialized Techniques


Timing varies based upon treatment

For the majority of our clients, one to two touch-up sessions are necessary to reach your intended results. In our touch-up sessions, we can alter the shape and color of your tattoo, bolden it or fill in spots that didn't retain pigment during healing. Touch-ups will also add longevity to the life of your tattoo. For example, guests with fuller brows may not need additional touch-ups; however, guests with little or no natural brow hairs may need further density added.

After we’ve achieved your desired brow, a refresher appointment is necessary to maintain your tattoo. Your touch-ups will be booked in the studio during your initial appointment. Touch-up appointments can be made 8-10 weeks after your first visit but not any sooner as the skin must heal fully prior. In addition, please refer to our Care Instructions ahead of scheduling your touch-up to ensure other treatments such as laser, filler and botox have been completed enough in advance.

Please refer to our pricing information for our touch-up fees and note that there is a cost increase the further away your touch-up is scheduled from your initial appointment.

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